Contemporary Modal Music Repertoire – Music Ensemble (Kelly Thoma)

Teacher: Kelly Thoma 

       In this seminar Kelly will work together with the students on a selection of compositions of contemporary modal composers as well as on certain traditional pieces from a variety of backgrounds. Without scores, but with a lot of repetition, the students will gradually commit the compositions to memory and subsequently, together with Kelly, orchestrate them through the means of dynamics, harmony (where appropriate), frequency compatibility, ornamentation, variations and whatever other ideas and methods will occur during the process. The nature and progress of the seminar is very much dependent upon the composition of the group participating, which instruments they play for example, and as a result the exact repertoire is not possible to be formulated beforehand. However, approximately one month before the seminar, the prospective students will receive a number of proposed pieces for study which they can prepare if they wish. The students should be at a reasonably good level on their respective instruments so as to be able to memorize and execute the proposed melodies, some of which are quite intricate and complex. Whoever is possessed of patience, a love of group work, and an appetite for learning through repetition is most welcome.

 Keys we’ll be working in:

Primarily Re, La, Sol (Süphürde or Mansur in the Turkish system)

 Tuning guide for various instruments:

Lyra (standard Cretan or Kemençe tuning)

Laouto (standard Cretan or mainland tuning)

Oud (Arabic tuning)

Ney (Süphürde or Mansur)

Violin, Cello, Double Bass (Standard tuning)

For other instruments please feel free to ask via email



Instruments: Primarily instruments capable of non-tempered intervals. Kelly can assist in particular students with bowed instruments as she herself plays lyra, however students who play other types of instruments are more than welcome and will surely benefit.

Scores: One of the aims of the seminar is for the students to commit to memory the repertoire so scores will not be used. However, if a student encounters excessive difficulty he won’t be left to suffer, scores will be administered in small doses…..

Dates and Timetable : 10 – 15 April 2018

– Tuesday : 17:00 – 20:00

– Wednesday – Saturday : 10:00 – 13:00 & 17:00 – 20:00

– Sunday : 10:00 – 13:00