Labyrinth Cyprus Musical Workshop is organizing the concert “Musical Routes”, with Ross Daly, Kelly Thoma, Michalis Kouloumis, Giannis Koutis and Euripides Dikaios, on Friday 13th of April in Nicosia.

   To mark the establishment of the Labyrinth Cyprus Musical Workshop, Ross Daly, Kelly Thoma and three Cypriot musicians meet in this ensemble for the first time to present a unique concert.  They will be playing traditional instruments of various  cultures (Cyprus, Greece, Middle East, Afghanistan) as well as original instruments (lyra with sympathetic strings, tarhu) which they are masters of.  They will offer to music lovers an original and unique sound with a variety of sound colours, incorporating traditions of music and cultures in contemporary original compositions.

  Ross Daly and Kelly Thoma are a duet of a rather unique nature. Central to their work is a rather obscure and little known instrument, the Lyra, a small upright knee-fiddle used in a number of middle eastern and Balkan traditions as well as in the music of the island of Crete where Ross Daly and Kelly Thoma reside, and the NakTarhu a contemporary creation with a deep ethereal sound related to the lyra.

  The three Cypriot musicians Michalis Kouloumis (violin), Giannis Koutis (oud) and Euripides Dikaios (percussions), each having presented a large number of concerts both in Cyprus and abroad, and having personal compositions and recordings, are among the significant representatives in Cyprus of the Modal and Traditional Music from various regions of the Eastern Mediterranean. In this concert they will present, incorporating their knowledge, also their own original contemporary compositions.

Concert’s information:

Musicians: Ross Daly (lyra, tarhu, rabab, saz), Kelly Thoma (lyras), Michalis Kouloumis (violin), Giannis Koutis (oud), Euripides Dikaios (percussion).

Day: Friday 13th of April 2018

Time: 20:30

Venue: TheatroDentro, Enotitos 44, 1041, Pallouriotissa, Nicosia

Entrance/tickets: 15 euro / 12 euro reduced (students, unemployed, retired)

Contact: 70007102

 Hospitality/Support: Theatro Dentro

Media sponsor: Kanali 6


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