Markos Skoulios is an ethnomusicologist and music performer, faculty member of the Department of Music Studies of the University of Ioannina (former department of Traditional Music of the TEI of Epirus). Being a disciple of great masters of eastern music (such as Cinuçen Tanrıkorur, Ömer Erdoğdular, Ümit Gürelman, Murat Tokaç, Bachalal Mishra, Santosh Mishra, Darius Tala’i, Rahim Khoshnawwaz, Panayiotis Neohoritis), he has participated in many concerts and recordings playing the Ney and the Oud. Both as a researcher ethnomusicologist as well as a musician, he focuses on the cross-cultural analysis of the great eastern multimodal melodic systems, giving lectures and seminars in Greece and abroad.