Labyrinth Cyprus

Labyrinth Cyprus Musical Workshop welcomes you to the world of traditional and modal music. Our goal is to promote and continue the important work of Labyrinth Musical Workshop, which was founded in 1982 by Ross Daly, and is based in Houdetsi, Crete.

Inspired by, and following the foundations laid in Crete by Ross Daly, Labyrinth Catalunya was born in spring 2016; following closely this expansion-through-localization, Labyrinth Italy (2017), Labyrinth Ontario (Canada, 2018), Labyrinth Cyprus (2018) and Labyrinth Istanbul (Turkey, 2019) were formed soon after.

Since 2018, Labyrinth Cyprus has organized a cycle of seminars, workshops and concerts in Nicosia and has subsequently, following the premises of de-centralization and shared community, moved its base to the rural – starting in 2019 and in collaboration with the village of Spilia, we host our seminars in the illustrious landscape of the Troodos mountains.

Through our seminars and concerts we bring together world-prominent musicians and teachers from the wider Labyrinth networks to work with students both local and international. The village itself injects a healthy dose of Cyprus hospitality; a highly conducive environment is provided for students to discover, learn and explore a world of musical traditions and cultures.

We believe that music is a vital element of human existence. It is a source of inspiration which unites, colors, and elevates human beings and their quality of life. We are proud and excited to partake in this web of communities from around the globe and exploring our shared values with any and all participants, from students and teachers, to production, support and technical staff, to the inhabitants of the village.