Concert “Awakening: Re-imagining the sounds of Medieval Cyprus”

A concert presented in June 2021 at Kasteliotissa Hall in Nicosia, in the frame of the European music project "Awakening Sleeping Instruments in Europe" - co–funded by the European Union and the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth within the European Program Creative Europe.

The concert consisted of poetry set to original compositions inspired from ‘Rhymes of Love’, a beautiful collection of Cypriot poetry in the prevailing style of Petrarchism. This material was set to original music in the styles widely used and popular at the time, both in Cyprus and in Italy. These compositions are the distillation of the research carried out by the artistic team of the programme and that was focused on the Medieval period of musical and literary Cypriot history.

The concert was introduced by Antoni Madueño Ranchal, the artistic director of Awakening Sleeping Instruments, with a presentation of the Catalonian research programme.

Elena Xyda (voice)
Giannis Koutis (oud, voice)
Peppe Frana (medieval lute)
Christina Polycarpou (Cretan lyra) Euripides Dikaios (percussion)
Composition, orchestration: Peppe Frana
Literary oversee, original poetry: Euripides Dikaios
Research team: Peppe Frana, Euripides Dikaios, Niki Andronikou


Concert “Awakening: Re-imagining the sounds of Medieval Cyprus”