Accommodation / Food / Transportation


• Booking: Fill in the gap “yes” on the seminars’ registration form.

• Αccommodations’ location & Meeting point: The accommodation is in “Spilia” village in two to four-beds rooms, which you share with other participants.

• Price & Way of payment: 15€-20€/bed/night (depending on the amount of beds in each house). You can arrange the payment with cash, direct to the Labyrinth Cyprus Musical Workshop people in charge, when you arrive.

Labyrinth Cyprus Musical Workshop, does not receive any money about the rooms.

• Room policy:

Siesta hours for summer: 15:00 to 17:30 and 23:00 to 07:00. Please do not practice in your rooms during this time, so as to avoid disturbing your roommates or your neighbors.

Please, be careful with the electrical devices that you use.

Towels, bed sheets, pillows, blankets, fridge, hot water and heating of the room are provided by the owners.

Visitors are not allowed to use your rooms.

• Extra choices:

For the seminars’ participants and the visitors that wish to stay at the area during the seminars, we suggest TROODOS HOTEL at Troodos Square, which is around 15 minutes driving from Spilia village.

There will be a bus driving the participants to and from Spilia every day, during the seminars’ duration.

There will be a special price (per person/night + breakfast) and for this we would like you to inform us at [email protected] if you choose TROODOS HOTEL for your staying.



You can enjoy your meals (breakfast as well) at the central coffee shop of the village in special prices, and at the local businesses as well, in reasonable prices.

You can also cook in your room.



There are public buses of OSEL company going to Spilia from Nicosia, with one intermediate stop and bus change at the village of Kakopetria.

There are two roots daily from Nicosia to Spilia, at 09:30 and at 14:40, and on the Weekends (Saturday & Sunday) at 10:00 and at 14:00.

For more information visit and for the roots Nicosia-Spilia visit

*These is the link to the website of the Intercity Buses, which you can use in order to travel from one city to another in Cyprus:

*These are the links to the websites for each city’s public Buses:


TRANSPORTATION FROM AND TO THE AIRPORTS (to and from all Cyprus cities)