Who we are

Christina Polycarpou - Artistic director

Christina Polycarpou – Artistic director

Cypriot musician Christina Polycarpou was born in Nicosia in 1986. From the age of 12 until 18 she studied the classical guitar as well as the double bass for two years (as a member of the Cyprus Youth Orchestra) and the cello for one year.
After moving to Thessaloniki to study at the Musicology Department of Aristotle University, from where she graduated in 2012, she started learning the kemençe, the lyra of Istanbul. Her musical path took her to Crete in 2013 where she lived for three years and devoted herself in learning the lyra, a type of lyra designed and first played and taught by Ross Daly.
In Crete she attended several music seminars on kemençe, lyra and other modal and traditional music, at the Labyrinth Musical Workshop, founded by Ross Daly in 1982. She has been a student of Kelly Thoma since 2014. Her musical interest and study is on musical traditions of the East Mediterranean and on contemporary modal music, which she finds more exciting and interesting.
She has been living in Nicosia since December 2015, and has been collaborating with local musicians and bands mostly in traditional, as well as other musical styles. At September 2017 she has been teaching Cretan lyra the public Music Schools of Cyprus.

Stephanie Polycarpou – Production & Communication

Stephanie was born in Nicosia in 1983 and has been working in Cyprus as a Cultural and Project Manager since 2007. She has collaborated with various cultural teams, organisations and governmental institutions for the implementation of social, theatrical and musical events, performances, festivals and projects.
She has also worked as a production manager for television series, advertising and independent documentary productions.
She is one of the founding members and Production Manager of the teams Easy Going Productions and Reggae Sunjam Cyprus which have established two main musical events in Cyprus’ Music Scene: Reggae Spring Gathering (since 2009) and Reggae Sunjam Festival (since 2016).
Finally, she is participating in environmental initiatives and projects, offering her skills as a project manager / coordinator.

Euripides Dikaios – Production

Euripides was born in Nicosia in 1976. He has experience from the fields of science, music and theatre and is, today, an active theatre director, musician, independent producer and the artistic director and founder of the not-for-profit art production company Paraplevros (2009).
As a musician he has studied traditional middle-eastern percussion with Zohar Fresco and Petros Kourtis. He has participated in various groups and performances in Athens, England and Cyprus.
He is the founder of Νέα Ταμπουτσιά, a percussion ensemble.
As an educator, he teaches in Vladimiros Kafkaridis Drama School, has taught rhythm for dancers at the University of Nicosia, has given seminars to educators on teaching traditional percussion in schools and has composed music for the dance performance Κουπόνι Αλλαγής in No Body Festival (2010) and theatrical performances Νυχταλούδα (2016) and Night of the Assasins (2017).
His main directorial interests during this period are dramaturgy, original writing and text adaptation, while he has focused on research regarding the practical application of modern Cypriot dialect to the stage. He has directed, amongst others, in Cyprus: Night of the Assasins (J. Triana, winter 2017, translation/adaptation/director), Secret Performance (June 2016, directing of dancers, actors and a small classical music orchestra, dramaturgy), Νυχταλούδα (spring 2016, playwright/director/composer), This is our youth (K. Lonergan, winter 2016, translation into Cypriot/director), Bam! (G. Neophytou, winter 2015), Ubu Roi (A. Jarry, fall 2015), La Belote (A. Georgiou, winter 2014), The Lover (Η. Pinter, fall 2014, translation into Cypriot/director), Homo Ludens (dancer/dramaturgy), Χ. Βύρωνος (P. Ridley, translation into Cypriot/director), This short film is dedicated to the 17th of May (short film, scenario/director) and Karagiozis Exposed (playwright/director).