Past Seminars

A list of the seminars which have taken place in Labyrinth Cyprus Musical Workshop until today.


Modal music of Eastern Mediterranean (Giannis Koutis)

Repertoire as an expanding mosaic in the contemporary world (Ross Daly)

Taksim and Eastern melodic multimodality (Markos Skoulios)

Cretan Music seminar (Zacharias Spyridakis)

Rythmology and technique of the percussion of Balkans, Eastern Mediterranean and North Africa (Vangelis Karipis)

Oud in the music traditions of the Eastern Mediterranean (Giannis Koutis)


Makam as structure and phrasing (Ross Daly)

Contemporary Modal Music Repertoire – Music Ensemble (Kelly Thoma)

Violin in the Eastern Mediterranean (Michalis Kouloumis)