Awakening Sleeping Instruments in Europe

Part of our vision for a fully functional Labyrinth Cyprus Musical Workshop is to establish, maintain and expand musical and cultural bonds with other organizations and individuals from across the globe — regardless of geography, politics, borders and dissimilarities.

In order to be able to pursue our goal, we turn towards our own locality and traditions: a solid understanding of our past becomes the springboard for our journey. Historical record and documentation is the foundation of all research into our roots. Cyprus has prime examples of written history (a notable example being the “Recital concerning the Sweet Land of Cyprus, entitled Chronicle” by Leontios Makhairas, 15th century) — testaments of language, culture and historicity.

In terms of music, our record is scattered and, at best, fragmental. Being true to our vision, we have struck a collaboration with four other European organizations and have embarked on a project to delve deeper into the Medieval period of our musical history. A project having one foot solidly placed in research and the other in its application in contemporary practice, we aim to consolidate knowledge from the past and present-day modal musical performance, composition and instrument building.

Awakening Sleeping Instruments in Europe is a programme funded by Creative Europe and led by Ripoll Municipality in Cataluña, Spain; through mobility and shared cultural heritage, we organize cross-border activities (including musical seminars, instrument building workshops, concerts and research) revolving around Medieval music on a two year timeline, from September 2019 through to September 2021.

This project is a joint collaboration between Labyrinth Cyprus Musical Workshop and Paraplevros Productions.
As a non-profit organisation, Paraplevros is an active platform for production and management in the performative arts sector with its main emphasis in independent and cross-disciplinary projects. In this venture, Labyrinth Cyprus is the creative arm of the project, while Paraplevros acts as the legal and managerial entity.



The document below gives a detailed overview of the programme.


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